Curtis Hutchens, Esq.
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Can you accept a case assignment in which Citizens is a party?

Yes. This issue has been thoroughly vetted with the Citizens Ethics Officer and its Office of General Counsel. After consultation with the Florida Bar, Citizens determined that I was employed at Citizens as a government lawyers and as such, potential conflicts are regulated by Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, §4.1.11, rather than the more restrictive rule, §4.1.10  Imputation of Conflicts of Interest. The comment to the rule states, “Thus, a former government lawyer is disqualified only from particular matters in which the lawyer participated personally and substantially”. No conflict arises when acting as a mediator in which Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a party unless I had substantial personal involvement in the specific litigation to be mediated. Because I was a legal executive at Citizens, rather than an operational attorney, my involvement in individual specific cases is rare. Of course, The Bar rules regarding the use of attorney client information in a manner adverse to a former client is prohibited. However, as Citizens’ operational records, including litigation guidelines are public records subject to Florida Statutes §119, instances of attorney client privilege are rare.  Information regarding Citizens’ practice and procedures is public record and my in depth familiarity of that information makes me a uniquely qualified mediator to bridge the gap between policyholder expectations and insurance carrier practice and procedures.

Where are you located?

For the past fifteen years I have lived with my family outside of Green Cove Springs, Florida, a small town on the St. Johns River 35 miles south of Jacksonville in rural north Florida. I accept assignments anywhere in the state of Florida without regard for travel. Prior to North Florida, I lived and worked in Tampa and Miami. Over the course of my career, I routinely represented clients in Pensacola and through-out North and Central Florida. As a result of multiple court appearance in Dixie, Suwanee, Lafayette, Union, Bradford, Nassau,  Alachua and other counties, I know what it takes to succeed not only the highly volatile venues of South Florida, but also the special requirements of small venues in rural Florida.

How many mediations have you participated in as an advocate or a party representative?

More than a 1000.

How many Mediations have you conducted?

In excess of a hundred.

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